How to network on social media


How to Network on Social Media

Social media guru Josh Murdock shares some tips and best practices for networking in an increasingly digital world.

Josh Murdock, or Professor Josh as he’s known on social media and in the classroom, is an instructional designer at Valencia and an associate faculty member who teaches Social Networking for Job Search. He is actively involved on social media and in person with many technology-related groups in Orlando, including FLBlogCon, Startup Weekend Orlando and EdTech Orlando. He hosts “Blogger’s Lab,” a regular segment on Blog Talk TV and also serves on the board of directors for the Valencia Foundation.


Complete your profile.

The more information you provide, the easier it is for people to get to know you and find common connections or, in the case of LinkedIn, for recruiters to decide if they want to hire you. Include a profile image so people can put a face to a name.


Follow your interests.

Join a group on Facebook, LinkedIn or to connect with people with shared interests and your relationships will likely grow from there.


Be strategic about your network.

Go for quality over quantity when it comes to your connections. Connect with those who will help you learn, meet your goals or who share a common career focus or personal interest.


Build on your in-person networks.

Many clubs, volunteer organizations and even conferences have social media accounts. Follow the ones you’re involved with to continue conversations and stay connected between meetings.


Reach out to new contacts.

When trying to network with someone new, send a personal message stating why you want to connect. You may not get a response right away, so don’t be afraid to follow up.


Practice social karma.

Make a point to comment on, like and share posts from others in your network. That way, when you want the same from them, they’ll be happy to help.


Choose your platforms wisely.

You don’t need to have a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and everything in between to network successfully. Be realistic about how many accounts you can keep up with and choose the platforms that work best for your purposes.

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