Going Green Adds Up

Valencia College is going green when it comes to transportation. In August 2017, the college announced a multi-year agreement with LYNX, the local bus authority, to provide free transportation to all our students and employees. But that’s not all we’re doing. Check out the many ways the college is encouraging students and employees to think twice about how they commute to campus.



That’s how much money the 6,027 of our students and employees are saving each year, thanks to the new free LYNX service. Monthly bus passes cost $50 each.

LYNX’s 77 bus routes cover approximately 2,500 square miles.


In the first year of Valencia College’s partnership with LYNX, 5,583 students and 444 college employees received a LYNX pass.

Borrow or rent a bicycle

Our Winter Park Campus has become a hub for cyclists. Students and employees can borrow four bikes from the campus bike club—or rent one of six Juice Bikes available on campus.

9 Charging Stations

We’re helping electric-car owners juice up, with five electric car-charging stations on West Campus and four charging stations on East Campus.

At 12 cents per kilowatt hour, it costs $2.40 to fill up a Nissan Leaf at campus charging stations.

28 Bike Racks
East Campus: 5

Lake Nona Campus: 7

Osceola Campus: 5

Poinciana Campus: 1

West Campus: 8

Winter Park Campus: 2


At Winter Park Campus, bicyclists will soon be able to hop on the new Denning Drive bike trail, which will start at Winter Park Village and connect with the Orlando Urban Trail at Mead Gardens. And there’s more good news for cyclists at Winter Park: The campus is building a “bicycle garage,” which will provide a bike-repair station and covered parking for bikes—which is great news for the rainy season.

Meanwhile, West Campus plans to build a wide, multi-use path that will connect to a new 2.5-mile pathway along Kirkman Road. Also in the works: A bike-repair station by Building 10.

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